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Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage

We use only Ytsara products for our Thai Herbal Massage treatments.  Ytsara prides itself on being 100% Organic inspired by an Asian blend of healing remedies picked by hand with care taken to preserve the environment.

These herbs and oils do not contain any parabens or additives and are of the highest quality essential oils and Thai herbs as are all of the products we use here at Hands That Heal !

Herbal Poultice Massage Therapy

Royal Thai Massage

Samunprai Herbal Poultice Massage: 90 Minutes $140

                                                                 2 Hour Session ( Recommended ) $165

Drift away tensions while enjoying this unforgettable traditional hot Thai massage, unchanged since the 18th century when used on soldiers returning from war with muscle aches and bruises. A hot, steamed herbal poultice opens the pores bringing deep medicinal heat and herbal healing to alleviate aches and pains, release tension and detoxify the body while it relaxes and revitalizes you.  This treatment is also combined with Ytsara's Energizing Body Oil made with therapeutic grade essential oil essences and organic carrier oils to penetrate and heal the skin.

Kamatan Path to Tranquility massage:  90 Minutes $140

                                                                    2 Hour Session ( Recommended ) $165

Pacify the mind and touch serenity with this de-stressing treatment.  The hot calming herbal poultice of sweet basil and kaffir lime combined with relaxing body oils sooths and relaxes the body, mind and spirit.  this holistic treatment improves mental clarity leaving a sense of wholesome well being and relaxation.

Mohom, Indigo Healing Heart massage:  90 minutes $140

                                                                     2 Hour Session ( Recommended ) $165

Experience the ancient healing art of Hmong Shamans, used to treat muscular aches and pains. A steamed Indigo Herbal Poultice filled with pure remedial herbs is thoroughly massaged into your muscles, then surrender to a deep tissue massage using palms, thumbs and deep kneading to loosen muscles and stimulate blood circulation.  Indigo, the symbol of the Buddah of medicine is said to improve muscular tone and drain away toxins, while eucalyptus, rosemary and petit grain essential oils dissolve muscle tension, embracing you in an Aura of calm and harmony. Features the Indigo herbal poultice and Detox Massage oil.

Anami The Body Reviver:  90 Minutes $140

                                              2 Hour Session ( Recommended ) $165

Strengthen your body and feel empowered with this unique healing art of massage thought to have traveled from India to Thailand 2,500 years ago.  A combination of acupressure, gentile stretching and oil massage is applied to your body to release blockages and tune your energy flow.  Meanwhile warm herbal poultices filled with therapeutic botanical ingredients ( 100% organic ) are applied to the body and Zen lines infusing their healing power into your body.  This treatment helps to reinforce your immune system, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance your vitality.

Taa Suay, Restorative Herbal Eye Lift & Facial Contour:  50 minutes:  $95

Let your eyes be pampered and rejuvenated with this amazing eye treatment that reduces puffiness, combats fine lines, dark circles & provides an overall brow and facial lift.  A secret blend of warm botanical ingredients in a facial herbal poultice will gently nourish and soothe your eyes with additional advanced massage techniques to detoxify, thin, sculpt and contour resulting in a mini-facial lift.

Features cranial herbal eye poultice and toning face elixir and stimulating facial oil.