I've received two massages from Tracy McIntyre, once to relieve back spasams i waqs having and  the second time for maintenance.  She knows right where to apply pressure and speaks knowingly of anatomy and pressure points.  She was also very helpful in prescribing a book and a set of exercises for my problem.  I recommend her highly.

- Steve H

As for the spa – great atmosphere!  It was a very comfortable environment.  Friendly and accommodating, for both me and my daughter.  We were frantically looking for a place to take us before I left on vacation and my daughter left for college.  Yours was the only business to reply and to fit us in so quickly.  It was very much appreciated by the both of us.
As for Kirsten – very sweet and helpful.  You helped us relax and explained for us the different colors of the foot bath and what they meant.
As for our feelings after the service – I think both my daughter and I felt a renewed energy.  For me, I felt very healthy while on my vacation.  I slept better and wanted to eat better (which isn’t what I usually do on vacation).  For my daughter, I think she really did feel well for about two weeks following our visit.  I think we got all her medications cleared out of her body so that she was able to return to college only taking Omega 3, D3, and B-complex.  Her anxiety started ampping up and now she is back on medication to control panic attacks.  I think it did help both of us.  My daughter was light headed for a few days, but she is very sensitive to any changes in her body.  I was only dizzy for the rest of the day we had the foot bath.

Would I recommend Hands that Heal Massage and Wellness – ABSOLUTELY!  I think you guys are great and thank you so much for making our first ionic foot bath experience a reality and fun for us.  It is a nice memory for me and my daughter to share.  We will be back.
Mary King


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After going to medical doctors for 2 months for my condition, I have been seeing Tracy for several months regularly for massage therapy for plantar fascitis and was amazed after the first visit in the improvement in my condition.  Massage has allowed me to be able to do things I had previously feared I would not have been able to do. I now can walk with minimal pain,  Thank you!

-Jayne M

After a car accident and a whiplash injury i tried physical therapy with no significant results, so I was told to seek out massage therapy.  It was a really worthwhile experience.  Tracy was really great with her hands and knew the right areas to massage.  The environment was clean and relaxing and the music really helped you to relax.  I would definitely recommend Tracy and Hands That Heal.  Tracy was the best.  Thank you


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I have been to see Tracy several times for pain related to a whiplash injury.  I also suffer from fibromyalgia and Tracy is very sensitive to adjusting her massage techniques to fit my varying needs when I come in.  I can feel the energy coming through her hands as she works on me.  It a wonderful experience and helps my chiropractor to be able to adjust my neck.

-Jean A

This week I had the pleasure  of receiving arelaxing Swedish massage from Tracy.  The massage studio was very relaxing, clean, and I immendiately felt at ease.  Tracy was very pleasant and had tremendous positive energy.  I highly recommend both Tracy and Hands That Heal Massage and Wellness for massage and related services.


Amazing experience, been there twice.  I love how they personalize the massage to the areas that hurt the most.  Not a cookie cutter massage you order off a spa menu!  Very knowledgeable, atmosphere was very tranquil.  Tracy was a sweetheart!