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Reiki / Chakra Balancing / Shamanic Healing 

Reiki - Biofield Therapy

  • 30 Minutes:  $50
  • 60 Minutes:  $80
  • 90 Minutes:  $120
  • 2 Hour:     $160

Reiki and Biofield Therapy work with the 'Universal Life Force Energy' inherent in all matter.

The therapist works with different techniques to aid in balancing the clients EMF or energy field.

This process is often deeply relaxing, facilitates the body's own ability to heal itself, can be energizing and uplifting.  Stress often depletes our energy and these sessions help to restore the energy and help to connect the mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Balancing and Crystal work may be used in these restorative sessions.

Essential Oils may be used for added benefit and balancing.

Emotional Release work available Upon Request:  Suggest at least 90 minute or 2 hour sessions for emotional release work.

Shamanic Healing is based on Native American Healing Arts, Journey work, Animal Totems and so much more.

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