Raindrop Technique:

  • 90 Minutes:  $125
  • 2 Hour:     $160

Raindrop Swedish Fusion:  NEW SERVICE!

  •    90 minutes:  $135
  •    2 hour:  $170

Raindrop Technique is a holistic treatment  used for its profound healing properties. The practitioner uses a combination of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils ( Young Living ) and Energy work to promote Healing in the body.

Between 8 to 10 Essential Oils are placed on the soles of the feet and along the spine using an ancient form of reflexology called Vita-Flex and feathering techniques.  The oils, because they are therapeutic grade, each possess healing properties specific to the cellular constituents of the parent plant material.  These oils pass through the skin, into the body and easily pass through the cell membrane to promote healing in the body, aid in detoxification and removal of chemicals from the cells and have several profound benefits in addition to deep relaxation.  The Oils also have an emotional effect on the individual because they utilize the olfactory senses which allows the oils ( chosen by the therapist specifically for the client ) to affect the limbic brain,  helping to balance mood and promote a sense of well being. This service includes Vita Flex reflexology, Hot Compress and some light lymphatic massage.

Raindrop Swedish Fusion:

​This combines the wonderful Raindrop Therapy along with a gentile swedish massage for a detoxifying, immune boosting, relaxation experience second to none!

Raindrop Technique

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Raindrop Technique:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Remove Toxins from the Body
  • Increase Immunity
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Overall Health
  • Can help with pain management and inflamation
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Essential Oils work differently from any other natural substance.

Their unique features are that they:

  • Pass easily through our skin and cells membranes.
  • Diffuse through the entire body within half an hour.
  • Go directly to the brain through the olfactory bulb.
  • Affect our feelings and thoughts because smell is our most emotional sense.
  • Perform multiple functions because of their structural complexity