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DO NOT apply any oil or other substances to open sores or wounds.

Peace and Calming can help to reduce anxiety, promote feelings of calm and well-being.  Place on Heart or chest, palms of hands and breathe deeply for best results.  Also helps to calm children.

Thieves all purpose cleaner is a chemical free cleaning alternative to use to disinfect your home or office.  Follow instructions on bottle for dilution rates of the concentrate.

Present Time is a wonderful oil to use before doing Yoga, Meditation or Massage.  It Has a wonderfully relaxing scent and helps to bring you into the Present. 

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Essential oils are used as an alternative therapy, not to replace medical attention or your doctor.  We do not diagnose or treat any disease.  Essential oils are a pure plant extract that can facilitate the body's ability to heal, boost the immune system and can have a profound effect on emotional states, hormone balance, and reduce pain and inflammation in a natural way.

Peppermint Essential oil is an oil I use on my clients regularly to decrease pain and inflammation associated with joint and muscle pain, edema, headaches and more.  Place on area of pain or inflammation.

Lavender essential oil can promote deeper sleep for those suffering from restless sleep or insomnia, helps to heal burns and for many, is relaxing and uplifting.  For sleeplessness place lavender oil on the bottoms of the feet before bed.  For burns place on area and can be diluted with vitamin e oil which also promotes healing.  

Young Living Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade essential oils that can have a profound healing effect on the body.  There are informational segments within the website but if you desire more information please feel free to call or e-mail me for more information on how to use the oils and which oils may help you for a specific purpose.  Click this link to be re-directed to my Essential Oils Page.​

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