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Our Therapists specialize in treatment based therapeutic massage and customize your session to your body changing needs.  Check out our reviews across the web and see our About Us Page to see which of our therapists is right for you: )

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Deep Tissue Massage:  

30 Minute: $50
60 Minute: $80
90 Minute: $120

2 Hour $160

Deep Tissue Massage is Beneficial for:

Neck Pain


Whiplash injury

Headaches / Tension Migraines

Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Plantar Fascitis

Lack of flexibility or ranger of motion in joints

Hip Pain

Foot pain

Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel


Sciatic pain

Freeing of the Neck and Shoulders - Whiplash and other neck issues
Freeing of the Low Back and Hips - Low back pain and hip problems

Arms - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinosis/itis, Tennis and Golfers elbow, Rotator Cuff injury
Legs - Plantar Fascitis, injury to Hamstrings, Quads, Knee issues
Full Body

All Deep Tissue Treatments are designed to the clients needs and we will work the areas that need the most work first and move on to other areas if there is time in the session. 

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Deep Tissue Massage uses some of the Swedish Massage style while incorporating specific work to un-do stress and tension whether short-term or chronic, injuries to tissues must allow a 3 day ( 72 hour ) wait in order for massage therapy to be appropriate.  Trigger Point Therapy addresses "knots" in the muscle tissue, cross fiber and with fiber friction decrease adhesions and allow the muscles to move more efficiently and decrease pain.  Range of Motion, Passive and, or Active Stretching Techniques improve flexibility and strength.  Each session will vary depending on your needs.  We strive to provide excellence of service to our clients.  Homework may be given at the end of some sessions so you can continue to promote healing on your own, at home.